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A simple thank you will do

London, 17 January 2014 - As the 20th January – the most depressing day of the year – draws in, Monster.co.uk releases new research revealing that sometimes it’s the simple things that can make us happy. Just a simple ‘thank you' goes a long way, according to a third of respondents (35%) who say someone showing gratitude makes their working day that little bit better.

The results reveal that bosses in particular can have a big impact on the happiness of their workforce by introducing just a few simple measures to their managerial style. A quarter of respondents (26%) say that recognition for hard work from their boss would make their day better, whilst seven per cent say their boss saying ‘good morning’ is simply enough to brighten up their day. Though for some people it seems it’s not the things your boss says to you, but the example they set that matters. Nine per cent said that seeing their boss working as hard as they are is enough to make them feel a little happier.

It is no secret that working hours are getting longer and longer, and some of us spend more time tied to our desk than away from it. However the importance of a healthy work life balance was not lost in the results, as a fifth (21%) said that leaving work on time would improve their mood, whilst 13 per cent said just taking a lunch break is enough to make them happier.

Andrew Sumner, Managing Director at Monster.co.uk comments: "These findings suggest that the little things go a long way when it comes to being happy at work. With many people working long hours and juggling heavy workloads with stressful environments, it is good to see that something as simple as a thank you can make a difference. It can sometimes be hard to think about those around us when we’re wrapped up in our day to day routines, but as the results show, it doesn’t take much to lift someone’s mood and put a smile on their face.

We all have bad days at work and I am sure we can all recall when we may have needed cheering up by a colleague from time to time. However, if you’re having more bad days than good, then it might be time to start thinking about moving on to find something better for yourself."

Figure One. Top ten things that help make the day a little better

What little things help to make your working day better?

1. People saying thank you - 35%
2. A pat on the back from your boss/client to acknowledge your hard work - 26%
3. Sunshine on route to work - 22%
4. Leaving work on time - 21%
5. Having a non-work related chat with a colleague - 14%
6. Actually being able to take a lunch break - 13%
7. A clean work station - 10%
8. A stranger says good morning on your route to work - 10%
9. When you see your boss working as hard as you - 9%
9. A colleague makes you a cup of tea or coffee - 9%
9. A funny email from a colleague - 9%
9. A colleague brings in cakes or sweets to share - 9%
10. Receiving a smile from a colleague you fancy - 8%

To help lighten the mood on Monday, Monster has planned a range of mood-lifting activities, including some perks to its followers, which will be happening on its @Monster_UK Twitter page. Twitters users across the Twittersphere will also be able to share what makes them tick on Blue Monday, or share what brightens their otherwise dim day with the hashtag #blueMonday.

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Notes to editors

*Survey carried out amongst 2,002 workers in January 2014

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