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Keep calm and carry on

London, 28 November 2013 - The British reserve for persevering through hard times without complaint also applies to the modern day workplace, according to new research* from Monster.co.uk. Far from revealing a nation of hasty defeatists, the Monster survey of UK employees reveals that a third (34%) of British workers will stay for more than one year in a job they’re unhappy in before looking for a new one.

In fact the research reveals some are prepared to stay even longer than that, with 15% saying they’d stay discontented in a job for at least 18 months before starting the search for a new one.

However it seems not all of us have the same resolve, with some people choosing to find that perfect job a little sooner. More than a quarter (26%) say they will only hang around in a job they are unhappy in for about a month before beginning the search for a new one.

Andrew Sumner, Managing Director at Monster.co.uk comments: "These findings say a lot about the British resolve, that we would rather persevere at something than be seen to ‘give up’ and move onto something else.

However whilst it is always good to be sure you’ve done everything you can to make a situation work, you don’t want to make yourself unhappy. The right job for everyone is out there, so if you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your current job role, it might be time to move on and find something better."

Monster.co.uk has put together some tips to help those who are thinking of leaving their current job:

Thank the right people - Identify those who may be able to help your future career. Make a point of thanking your boss for the opportunities they gave you, a little bit of professional flattery never hurt anyone.

Don’t brag about where you’re going next - Remain humble and respect the feelings of those you are leaving behind. Once you’ve left, never talk badly of your old company or disclose secrets. It is only likely to come back and haunt you one day, and your new boss won’t respect your indiscretion.

Say goodbye - Make sure you send a quick email to your colleagues with contact details should anyone wish to get in touch with you once you’ve left. Heading off to the pub with colleagues on your last day can be really good for cementing friendships and business relationships.

Don’t burn any bridges - You might need goodwill for references, you may want to come back later on, or you may find one of your former colleagues interviewing you for a job in years to come. Many industries are very close knit and a bad word that comes through a friend of a friend can harm your career.

Keep a note of important contacts - Start a little black book of people who might help you later in your career. You may not realise it now, but some of these contacts could become very handy in the future.

Respect the rules - You may be asked to keep your move to yourself to avoid creating morale problems. Always respect these requests, and protect your reputation for dignity and discretion.

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Notes to editors

*Survey carried out amongst 498 jobseekers in October 2013

How long would you stay in a new job you were unhappy in before searching for a better role?

At least one month - 26%
At least six months - 40%
At least 12 months - 19%
At least 18 months - 15%
Total: 498

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