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Half of Brits want to quit their jobs, but take two years to work up the courage

• Half (52%) of Brits want to quit their jobs

• UK employees say they want more money (32%), a new challenge (21%), are bored (18%) and are lacking career progression (16%)

• However, 79% admit to languishing in a job they wanted to leave for up to two years due to a lack of confidence (15%), lack of time (14%) and a fear they don’t have enough experience (14%)

• Almost a third (32%) would be more likely to make the jump if the application process was easier and more streamlined

Research out today from job board, Monster.co.uk, reveals that half of Brits (52%) want to quit their jobs. However, 79% of people admit they take up to two years to work up to leaving on average.

Brits say they’re unhappy with their current roles as they aren’t paid enough (32%), need a new challenge (21%), are just plain bored (18%) and are lacking clear career progression (16%).

Although they’re unhappy, many languish in jobs far beyond the point they’ve decided to move with 7% waiting over four years to quit their jobs. Those who hung on in jobs they no longer enjoyed said they did so because they liked their team too much (16%), lack confidence (15%), don’t have enough time (14%) and a fear they don’t have enough experience (14%).

The research revealed a difference in the experiences of men and women when considering quitting a full time job. Women are more likely to want leave a job due to a lack of flexibility in the role and a stalling career progression.

And when it comes to making the jump to a new role, women say they are more worried than men about interviewing and joining a new team, and are more likely to question whether they have enough experience to successfully apply. A fifth of women state they don’t feel confident enough to apply for a new job, verses only 9% of men. Men however, see the time consuming process of applying for a new job (12%) are more of a barrier.

Overall, a third (32%) of Brits said they would find applying for jobs easier if the process was more streamlined. A quarter would prefer to only upload their CV once and would ideally like to apply for a job as easily as swiping right on Tinder.

Top 10 reasons Brits want to move jobs

1. Want higher pay
2. I’d like a new challenge
3. I’m bored
4. There is no career progression
5. It’s too stressful
6. I just hate it
7. I have to work too many hours
8. I’m not learning any new skills
9. I don’t feel supported by their boss
10. I want to change industry

Top 10 reasons Brits hold off leaving their jobs

1. I like my current team or company a lot
2. I’m not confident enough to apply for other jobs
3. Applying for new roles is too time consuming
4. Worried they don’t have enough experience
5. Don’t want to leave my current team in the lurch
6. Scared of interviewing
7. Worried I won’t get the flexible working hours I need at a new job
8. Scared to work with a new team
9. Updating my CV is too daunting
10. I’m just procrastinating

Louise Goodman, Marketing Director at Monster.co.uk, comments, “Moving jobs is hard. It can be time consuming and working up the confidence to put yourself out there can be tricky. But the benefits of moving outweigh languishing in a role that isn’t fulfilling you – from the potential for more pay, greater chance at career progression and even improved mental health.
“Time should never been the reason you don’t take the plunge to revitalise your career. Apps like Monster Job Search are making applying for jobs easier and quicker than ever before – and you can do it on the go from your mobile. Finding the right job is now as quick and easy as swiping right on a dating app.”

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About the research:

Research was conducted between January 18th – January 28th 2019 by Censuswide in an online survey of 2,000 men and women in the UK aged 18-64 representative by age, gender and industry commissioned by Monster.

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